House Of Hend In Cannes

On Friday the 22nd of May 2015, House of Hend showcased yet again a new collection at the Cannes Islamic Fashion Festival 2015.

The founder of House Of Hend, Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi is the quintessential Renaissance woman– blessed with a wide range of talents and skills, which has enabled her to succeed in any field she has chosen to pursue.

She was also chosen as the World Fashion Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador for Qatar. The WFO is the global parent entity of World Fashion Associations® and World Fashion Week® and is an organization dedicated to promoting peace and development through fashion.House Of Hend in Cannes

The show was held around a gala dinner. Attended by the King and Queen of Malaysia, royalties from France, Monaco, Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, celebrities, world renounced fashionistas along with elite press.

Her collection is inspired by the Spring bloom. Combination of floral details depicted in various ways along with pearls and crystals. Complementing their look with crystallised and hand embroidered belts. The traditional kaftans are given a modern look by adding neutral color combination, touches of hand embroidery and softer flow fabrics.

Haute Couture has hit Islamic Fashion with a storm. House of Hend has been exhibited and sold in USA, Malaysia, France, Italy, England, Egypt, Saudi, Qatar and the UAE.

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